Friday, May 15, 2009

Restricting Salt for Good Health?

I know you probably heard about the item last night on NBC Nightly News indicating that people should consume less than 1 tsp. of salt per day. The item on the NBC Nightly News quotes the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Doesn't sound like much of an interest in the "health" of the public, so much as their own interest in publicity. But a restriction in salt or sodium chloride is the single most contributing factor in causing ALL sickness and dis-ease or so-called disease.

I have written Brian Williams and have alerted him to his irresponsible journalism... citing our own facts and science.

Please read my article "Salt is Life" at:

What do you suppose would happen if we put the ocean life on a restricted salt diet or a salt-free diet? The obvious would happen - all life in the ocean would DIE!

Salt or sodium chloride is the major element of all of the body fluids and responsible for preserving and maintaining the alkaline design of the body. This is why our body fluids are salted with sodium chloride! Without salt you would die. In my own research I have found that every person who is sick or tired is SALT DEFICIENT! Restricting salt is like restricting oxygen. What needs to be restricted is NOT salt but acidic lifestyles and diets. GET OFF YOUR ACID! NOT YOUR SALT!

You can view the NBC News Segment at:

This type of inaccurate reporting is why we have so much trouble in this country really addressing health issues at a time when all types of dis-eases and medical costs are increasing.

It's ironic that President Obama just this morning held a press conference on getting adequate health care to all Americans and containing costs. Several large Pharmaceutical Companies have agreed to "limit" medical cost INCREASES over the next few
years. It's the old scam..."give a little now, to take more later". And... President Obama fell for it.

Please write your Congress Men or Women today and let them know that President Obama's so-called health plan is NOT the path to better health and fitness. Limiting the cost of drugs by Pharmaceutical Companies does not equate to better health for Americans. What this country needs is Education NOT Medication. Americans need to be educated in the knowledge of the New Biology(R) and the true path to health, energy, vitality and fitness.

Personal responsibility and the understanding of the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet and the importance of eating liberal amounts of salt daily is the only way.

In the words of Gandhi, "you must be the change you want to see."

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