Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Going Raw?

So, for the past 40 days or so I have added more and more raw foods.I have 6 large, glass sprout jars and a 3-tier sprout tray - each one at a different stage. There is now always fresh sprouts to eat. The kids love them too. (Rinsing and soaking keeps me and the distiller very busy!)I've been watching Alissa Cohen's 'Living on Live Food' DVD - it's very inspirational and has made me decide to try going 100% raw. Now, this will take a little bit of planning and I need to grab a scrap book and list all the recipes I like and can make in order to make this work. But I plan to go for it in around a month.I've decided to upgrade my juicer, because the Champion that I have won't juice grasses. I have ordered a Green Star/Hippocrates juicer. It's meant to be one of the best juicers out there.So, that means I will be starting to grow wheat grass too! I feel like I have a mini indoor garden!We also decided to get another water distiller. The Waterwise 4000 is fantastic, but with all my sprouting activities I am distilling all the time .. very time consuming. So we're going to put another Waterwise 4000 at my partners mum's house so double distilling will be taking place.Now, we're broke!Although I know there are pros and cons to dehydrators (plastic/teflon), I think in a month or so (when I've got some more money!) I will buy the excalibur. I think it will be helpful to have some staple items around if I'm going raw. I don't intend to use the dehyrator too much, but it will be useful for things such as flax crackers.I need to start that scrap book! PLUS I need to read the Raw blogs on Curezone or ideas.

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