Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fruit Gardening Activities!

Since I am almost avoiding eating all fruit right now because I'm pretty sure that all our imported organic fruits are NOT ripened on the plant (making them acidic), I thought I'd better make a plan to grow more of my own!The last couple of days have had me digging away and buying more plants for the garden. I've had to thin out a lot of my flowering plants to acomodate.I bought minature (maximum height 1.5 metres) fruit trees! These trees can be planted in large pots and produce full size fruit. I bought 3 x apple, 1 x pear and 1 x peach. I was surprised but delighted to find the minature peach tree, apparently it's quite rare, and I got the last one.My blueberries and strawberries are coming on extremely well. All are covered in fruit! The raspberries, however, are not doing so well as my puppy loves peeing on them!My partner is going to start building me a very large cage/frame constructed with wood and chicken wire. It's going to be 8 foot high and I'll put all my fruiting plants in there so they'll be safe from the birds and my puppy! I'll transplant the raspberries under the frame.Just to take stock of what I'm currently growing:6 x Raspberry bushes - 3 x summer, 3 x autumn2 x Blackberry - 1 x summer, 1 x autumn3 x minature apple trees1 x minature pear tree1 x minature peach tree2 x blueberry bush trees1 x Gooseberry bushAround 60 x Strawberry plantsI managed to buy some organic grow bags, so have planted 3 cherry tomato plants, 1 marrow, 1 courgette and loads of rocket salad leaves.My chives are doing really well and so is the parsley.I'd been experimenting with mixing up mollases, kelp and hmalayan sea salt in water to use on my plants, but to be honest, I am unsure of the right mix. So I have managed to buy soil association pre-mixed organic, liquid fertilizer .. it says it's made from seaweed, so must be ok! So will use that.I'm not sure how much more I can fit in my garden but I always seems to be able to squeeze in a bit more. When I get rented plot, I'll do more vegetables.
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