Wednesday, September 20, 2006

How to Grow a Cancer Cell (by Changing Your Body’s pH)

The chemical climate of the average American is perfect for growing cancer because our bodies have become acid, and cancer loves low pH readings that indicate high acidity.
This was posted by Lapis on the Ask Moreless forum .. such a great article, that I had to post it here!Current Health Tipby Peter RagnarHow to Grow a Cancer Cell (by Changing Your Body’s pH)Oh, don’t worry, it’s not that hard to do.However, you’ll not be able to grow a cancer without first establishing the right chemical climate so it can flourish in your body. Back in 1900, only one person out of twenty-five did it. But today, like I said, growing a cancer cell is easy. So easy, in fact, that every other male in this country and every third female will do it during their lifetime.The chemical climate of the average American is perfect for growing cancer because our bodies have become acid, and cancer loves low pH readings that indicate high acidity. Consider, the national soft drink consumption per person is in excess of 38 gallons per year! It has been estimated that it would take 30 glasses of water with a pH of 10 to neutralize one can of soda. See why it’s so easy?And we’re not even taking into account all the acid-producing foods served by fast food restaurants, all the packaged, canned, and processed foods found in your local grocery store, or the air pollution caused by too many cars, trucks, and buses. And I’m not even including the harmful positive ions found in the average home. Let alone the acid rock music that seems to be blaring away everywhere you go!I’m simply talking about the stored acid wastes that you’ve accumulated in your organs, your glands, and even in the layers of your skin. And as they accumulate, your pH continues to change. When you understand pH, you’ll have a powerful tool that you can use to prevent a cancer climate.

The term pH stands for the hydrogen ion concentration of a solution. An ion is an atom or group of atoms that carries a positive or negative electrical charge. pH is simply the electrochemical effect we get when negative ions (alkaline-forming) and positive ions (acid-forming) interact with each other. Basically, this determines your life force energy.When you experience an alkaline reaction, your body has more energy and you’ll discover an alkaline residue in your urine if you test for it. Remember, any substances you put into your body will leave an alkaline or acid ash residue in the urine. If your urine is consistently giving you an acid reading, you’ll find it easy to grow cancer.Additionally, if at times you find yourself hyperventilating, it’s because of acidosis. Your body is attempting to remove carbon dioxide and carbonic acid. That’s what’s left from metabolizing food. As the amount of carbonic acid decreases, the pH increases. That means more energy and an alkaline pH reading from your urine. If your urine reads 7.0 or higher on the pH scale, you’re alkaline. Below that indicates an acid condition in which viruses thrive and cancer grows.People who are heavy meat eaters show higher acid readings. However, this doesn’t mean that vegetarians fare much better by filling themselves with cooked foods.A healthy inclusion of plenty of organic, raw veggies and fruits will help shift your body over to alkaline. However, bear in mind that your emotional swings also determine your pH balance.How do you test your pH? Simply by using litmus paper or nitrazine paper, found at your local drugstore. Take samples of your urine in a jar for a 24-hour period, then dip the strip of paper and compare the color against the chart. The reason for all the samples over a 24-hour period is to get an average reading rather than a random reading that may or may not be accurate. You can also record a series of random tests and average out the readings.Bear in mind, if you’re on an intense cleansing regime, the reactivated stores of acid will recirculate and be picked up by the kidneys to be excreted into the urine. So, you’ll get acid readings while the body is laboring to make itself more alkaline.Remember, what you eat and drink, as well as your lifestyle, plays a critical role in the pH balance of your body. The bottom line is, if you know how to avoid creating a climate for cancer, you’ll never grow a tumor.

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