Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Biodynamic or Intuitive Gardening?

Today I bought a Victoria plum, Apple and Morello Cherry tree. All have some fruit already and stand around 6 feet high.I also bought a grape vine - it's tiny! I'm wondering if I'll get grapes at all, but I plan to plant it in the south facing side, so maybe .. one day!I have spent most of today digging in compost from my compost heap made of pruning clippings and grass cuttings over the years. The compost is excellent! Mulching is hard work, but satisfying. I'm sweaty even now.I managed to buy organic fish, bone and blood (powdered) and also some organic chicken manure pellets - all went into the mix.I moved all the raspberry plants into a semi shaded area as I have read they prefer that and have mulched them with old pine needles. I'm hoping for a good cop this year!As far as Biodynamic gardening - I'm now at a loss! I have my normal moon calender and now a biodynamic moon calender ... and they both differ!!According to Biodynamic methods, there are certain moon constellations best suited to fruit, leaf, root or flower planting and harvesting. And was Mercury in retrograde???? Who knows! LOL!I've decided for the time being that I will do intuitive gardening. (These Biodynamic books I have are making me dizzy). Pretty much everything I've grown has always gone to plan so why should I complicate my life by following certain rules when all works out anyway?!I have been adding a very diluted solution of blackstrap molasses, epsom salts and kelp to my plants as a feed once every few days. The strawberries are plumping up nicely and the blueberries have taken on their distinctive shape. There are loads of little peaches on the peach tree!I was just thinking this morning that the reason for my planting all these fruiting plants are linked with fear. It is almost impossible to know if something bought from a shop was rippened on the tree! So, it could mean almost all fruit bought is acidic and the only way to ensure alkaline fruit is to grow it myself.
I'll take some photos soon and show you the plants plus the half built cage!

Happy green fingers!
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