Thursday, July 06, 2006

To Much Sweet Fruit/Sugar: This relates to the previous item and particularly refers to both natural and dried sweet fruits.

7) To Much Sweet Fruit/Sugar: This relates to the previous item and particularly refers to both natural and dried sweet fruits. These foods give rise to Candida overgrown and create huge sugar spikes putting excessive load on the pancreas and elimination. This also relates to Honey, Maple Syrup, Stevia and other cooked sugars.

Solution: Eat non-sweet fruit instead, like avocados, coconuts, tomatoes and peppers. Replace honey and cooked sugars with dates or better, Raw Agave Nectar, which has a very lowglycemic (sugar) level.

8) Eating To Early: Most people begin eating to early in their day. Our first, and only meal, is usually around 2-3PM.This allows our bodies to have a 18-24 hour fast every day, which dramatically increases energy, as digesting is the most energy intensive activity of our bodies.

Solution: If you're still eating early, begin your day with nutrient dense, non-sweet food. For example, fresh vege juice.

You can also experiment with Salt Flushes, which flood the body with nutrients. Salt Flushes are best done only with pure salt, like Himalayan Salt (directions here)Hot Indium User's Guide If you have early sweet cravings have either: Activated Pistachios, Dulse and Dates or better Chocolate Silk, Goji Punch or Orange Julius (recipes here) Keep Your New Year's Resolution The Easy Way

9) Eating To Late: Most people eat to much, to late. Bodies operate in two distinct modes - activity and regeneration. Bodies witch between these modes by light effecting Serotonin. This is why it's essential to have a dark sleeping environment. As light levels decrease, Serotonin metabolism (chemical reactions)transition the body out of activity mode into regeneration mode. When this occurs, digestive systems are quiesced (suspended) and regeneration begins. If food is introduced to late in the evening (when sun is low), then the body flips back into activity mode. These modes are mutually exclusive and depending on type/amount of food eaten and time eaten, the entire regeneration cycle for the night can be skipped. If this occurs continuously all the Raw immaculate food and expensive SuperFoods will still result in premature aging.

Solution: Begin and end eating when at Sun's zenith(when the Sun is highest). If you have cravings later in the night enjoy a Pummelo (alkaline grapefruit), apple or glass of Chocolate Silk.

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