Thursday, July 06, 2006

Eating To Much:

10) Eating To Much: This happens for most people at every meal. Eating and weight balancing (gain or loss) is simple. Bodies eat for nutrients.

If low nutrient food is put in to the body, hunger persists and over eating results. Another challenge is most people eat cooked food which inhibit saliesthetic response, which is the stop eating signal.

This signal "fires" by monitoring nutrient intake levels. The challenge isaliesthetic response appears to only work off raw (uncooked),natural (unprocessed), pure (no chemicals additives).

Cooked food inhibits this signal, so people eat until their stomach backs up, which we call acid reflux.

Solution: To reduce eating and rapidly balance weight, increase your nutrient density. If you're eating out, always carry a few Kelp/Dulse capsules or Himalayan Salt to use on your food.

Better, only eat at home and eat mainly high water content, nutrient dense, Raw Super Foods. When eating any cooked food, try enjoying a few Digest and Salivarius with your meal and notice the difference. This will also get rid of any after lunch energy slump.

11) Eating To Complex: Most meals are complicated. ASAD (Standard American Diet) meal of meat, potatoes, salt, soft drink and dessert can take 40-50 hours to transit the entire digestive tract and be eliminated.

Solution: Eat simple and eat combinations which digest rapidly. Separate proteins and carbs. Eat melonsalone. Master food combining.

12) Eating To Little Salt: Eating to little salt can be deadly. It's amazing to watch chronically ill peoplereturn to great health in a few days on a high salt diet. Salt allows water to be held in the body. Adequate saltis required to allow hydration (body to hold water).

People have massive health increases when they go on high salt diets, because low salt diets results in massive dehydration.

Solution: Eat only pure salt. Our preference is Himalayan Salt. You can read about why we avoid gray salt like the plague here: What's the Gray in Gray Salt Anyway?

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