Thursday, July 06, 2006

To Many Cold/Wet Foods:

13) To Many Cold/Wet Foods: Eating primarily salads and high water content fruit (unless your in the tropics) tends to water log the spleen and shutdown immune function. Symptoms usually involve sinus inflammation and respiratory(oxygen uptake) interference. You can read more about this: My Personal Health Story & 100% Raw In 2 Days100% Raw In 2 Days

Solution: Keep up your intake of heating and drying foods. Spicy foods - arugala, peppers, onion, garlic, ginger. Dehydrated foods like Golden Flax Crackers and Activate Pistachios. Activated Nut Recipe

14) Eating To Little Fat: Fat is essential to life. EFAs, Essential Fatty Acids, are the Marjory building block for cell walls. People on low fat diets tend to become dehydrated, as cells are unable to hold water. Then finally, loose brain function as the body steals fat from the brain and neurology to regenerate life essential tissue like heart and lungs.

Solution: Eat high quality fats like avocado, activated nuts and Chocolate Silk Smoothies. Add Hemp Seeds to salads. Add Hemp Seeds and Olive Oil to salad dressings.

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