Thursday, July 06, 2006

Malnourishment: Most people are malnourished

15) Malnourishment: Most people are malnourished. The first sign of malnourishment, in advanced countries, is being overweight. There can be many reasons for this. Quality of food is to low. Food is cooked. Some part of the persons metabolism (ability to digest food and uptake nutrients) is reduced or interrupted.

Solution: Eat nutrient dense, satisfying foods. Increased (high quality) salt and fat is the best first step.

16) Eating To Much Soy: Soy is one of the most extreme accelerated aging substances on the planet, as cooked soy contains estrogen (hormone like) substances which instruct the body to "speed up", age faster. Products like lechithin, tofu, tempe and soy milk are the worst. Miso and whole Edaname beans are okay, in moderation.

Solution: Replace your lecithin with Bee Pollen. One tablespoon of Bee Pollen has the equivalent of 20-30 egg yolks worth of lecithin and a bag of citrus worth of rutin. Replace your soy milk with fresh nut milk.

Recipe is here: Asthma , Arthritis & Cancer, Three Faces Of The Same Dis-Ease Replace your tofu and tempe with activated nuts.

17) Eating To Many Unactivated Nuts/Seeds: Most people new to the Raw Food Diet naturally gravitate to Raw Nuts as they phase out flesh, foul, fish, dairy, grains, rice and beans. Raw Nuts are in a natural state and they are in stasis. Puta dry nut on the window sill and nothing happens. Soak it overnight and you'll start getting a sprout. Raw Nuts are coated with chemicals to encourage bugs to move on to more tasty meals. Their are also enzyme and protein inhibitors which allow the nuts to remain viable (able to sprout) for long periods. Consistently eating Raw Nuts floods the digestive tract with these substances, which can interfere or completely shutdown digestion.

Solution: Germinate (soak) your nuts before eating them. Activate your nuts and seeds for a dry, salty taste: Activated Nut Recipe

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