Friday, June 30, 2006

Demi Moore in the Raw IV

ME: What are the risks involved?

JINJEE: This is brand new territory. I mean, its been done sinse Pythagoras (who made his students do a raw food diet for a month before he would teach them so that their minds would be clear!), and Jesus (see for more information on Jesus' take on the raw food diet, from a biblical text that was removed from the bible!). But now for the first time the diet is becoming of interest to the mainstream of society. And nobody wants to spend any money to study it properly. So its like you have to take a leap of faith. Its for people willing to think for themselves and act on their own findings and studies. Some of the pitfalls are eating too many unsoaked nuts and dried fruit (hard on teeth), cutting out one of the three raw-vegan food groups completely for long periods of time, and worrying too much about whether you are getting enough nutrition. Of course you are! You are getting thousands of times more than you ever did before. But people can make you worry yourself sick. They just don't understand.

ME: Where can people find more information about this diet online?

JINJEE: We have a resources page where we list and link to every important raw vegan resourse we can find, including 1000's of free recipes, articles, online raw food stores where you can buy equipment and produce, raw food journals, books, events, retreats, raw food restaurants, online support forums, and consultants and practitioners at (click on "links").

By Sarah Morgan

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