Friday, June 30, 2006

Demi Moore in the Raw V

ME: Why are you so passionate about this?

JINJEE: The raw food diet has benefited me so much personally. I lost 45 lbs., got rid of a lump in my breast, and overcame depression, acne, candida and chronic fatigue.

I have seen it help so many people. And beyond all this, I think it is the only diet that will sustain the growing population of this planet! If everyone adopted a raw-vegan diet it would be beneficial in so many ways, cutting down on pollution, preventing deforestation, helping people to become more peaceful, making our countryside more beautiful, and solving our crime, healthcare and social security dilemmas. It will naturally be a very slow process, but I think that ultimately this will be the diet that helps us bring this planet to a state of light and life.

By Sarah Morgan

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