Friday, June 30, 2006

Demi Moore in the Raw III

ME: Don't you get bored on the raw vegan diet?

JINJEE: There are 100s of different kinds of fruits and veggies. If you combine only two or three at each meal, then you can literally eat a different combination of foods at each meal for the rest of your life! Then your taste buds become very sensitive. And then you don't need to eat as much, so your body really uses all the food you eat, so you actually get hungry between meals - which is the best spice! Nothing tastes as good as simple food when you are truly hungry! I'd like to see restaurants add a "frescada" section to their menus, the way they now have "vegetarian" sections. I think Frescada sounds much nicer than Raw. But even now you can always have a salad or fruit salad and many restaurants also serve fruit smoothies.

You do have to eat a balanced diet. Our food groups are vegetables, nuts/seeds, and fruits. You should have approximately equal amounts of these in your diet. If you have your kids on the diet as I do, you have to make sure they eat a lot of bulk. A lot of fruits and veggies. And a lot of nutmilks from sprouted almonds and sunflower seeds. A variety of fruits and veggies. There's a wealth of information available online. If you decide to do this diet is it important to study it. I think of it as an extreme diet. There are extreme benefits such as a body that isn't subject to any of the common causes of death today, and longevity. But as with an extreme sport, you have to be prepared and trained, because there are potential dangers.

By Sarah Morgan

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