Friday, June 30, 2006

Demi Moore in the Raw II

Me: Is this scientifically proven?

Jinjee: New scientific studies show that we should be living until at least 160 years of age. But we've been caught in this cooked food trap for many thousands of years since humankind first discovered the ease of hunting meat compared with growing things. And we lived on meat and it helped us survive in cold climates. And we learned that if we heated up foods it made the foods last longer which helped us survive the winters in cold climates. But the reason the foods lasted longer is because we killed them. We cooked them and this killed the enzymes in them.

Enzymes make the food ripen and enzymes make the food decay and go back to the earth after its season is passed. So cooking the food took that death out of it. However it also took the life out of it. So we got used to eating food with no life-force. But in today's society we are really fortunate because we are able to get fresh organic foods all year round! So there really is no longer any need to eat these dead denatured foods! Except that we are addicted to them. Toxins are highly addictive (toxins are what drugs, alcohol and cigarettes all have in common), and these foods are full of toxins!

By Sarah Morgan

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