Friday, June 30, 2006

Demi Moore in the Raw I

What exactly IS the raw vegan diet?

It is a diet that consists of unheated and unprocessed fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds....everything preferably organic and as fresh as possible. I caught up with Jinjee Talifero, co-ordinator of the International Raw Vegan Network to answer my many questions.

Me: What is the raw vegan diet good for?

Jinjee: its not just that the diet doesn't contain toxins, but it is also extremely nutrient dense. In heated foods almonst all of the nutrients are destroyed or damaged. So when you eat an all-raw diet you are getting 1000's of times more nutrients than you would otherwise get! This very natural diet is what we'd all be eating if we weren't in "civilization" anway! So it makes a person seem supernaturally young, beautiful, fit, healthy, glowing, vital and energetic - as in the case of Demi Moore. But you have to realize that this is our natural state. Demi should be the norm for a 40-year young woman. We're now just comparing her to a society that is radically un-natural and unhealthy, where we eat about 90-100% cooked and processed (denatured) foods.

By Sarah Morgan

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