Saturday, August 02, 2008

The pH Problem

It is thought by many that everyone has a never ending problem with acid wastes and that this is the main cause of disease. We must continually combat this problem by eating an "alkaline ash" diet, we are told. And we are told to avoid meat because it is too acid forming. It is also thought by many that the urine pH or saliva pH are good indicators of the pH of body fluids.

Alas, the situation is a bit more complicated than that. Those who do Nutri-Spec metabolic balancing are aware that many of our sickest people have alkaline blood or urine or saliva.

Respiratory rate and breath holding ability are key indicators of the pH of blood. Why? The body uses carbon dioxide levels as a primary way to regulate regulate bllod pH. When you dissolve carbon dioxide in the blood, you get carbonic acid. If there is too much carbonic acid, the respiratory center in the brain will send signals to the respiratory muscles that they must breathe to get rid of excess carbon dioxide. Respiratory rate will be rapid - often more than 18. The breath hold time will be short. This is an acidosis situation. Continue Reading >>

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