Monday, October 23, 2006

Weight Loss - Cholesterol - Thyroid

I was on the slow road to extinction. After 47 years, at 5'4" I weighed 227 lbs.

I had tried numerous weight loss plans, gaining and loosing like being on a ride on a roller coaster. I took cholesterol medicine due to a very high cholesterol count for a couple of years and stopped because it was so expensive.

I had been taking thyroid medicine for over 12 years and was told by doctors that my thyroid was no longer functioning - that I would have to take medicine for the rest of my life.

It was hard for me to walk long distances or sometimes just up stairs. I went on a bike ride with my girl friends last summer and thought I was going to have a heart attack and developed a neuroma in my foot from the pressure on my feet when bicycling.

Finally I gave up trying, ate the way my husband and stepdaughter ate and started passing on the things that they would need to know to run our household when I passed away.

My body would ooze small sores that took a long time to go away and would leave scars, I had bleeding hemorrhoids, and I woke up each day with intense pain in my side.Then after a couple of years about hearing about Dr. Young's way of life from my son and his fiancée, they finally talked me into going on the Liquid Feast. I did a 21 day feast and lost 20 lbs. During the feast I read Dr. Young's book, The ph Miracle for Weight Loss and I started drinking a gallon of water a day. I stopped drinking coffee on the 2nd day of the feast, after drinking coffee daily for 31 years, and never got even a headache! After the feast I started eating an alkaline diet.

I was feeling better than ever and continued to lose weight slowly. I found that when I ate acid based food my body would react with stomach pains, that feeling like you had a huge rock in your stomach weighing you down, overwhelming tiredness, and that creepy crawly feeling on your skin. This helped me to refocus and stay with alkaline foods. After four months I have lost 44 lbs and 4 pant sizes. I took a blood test yesterday. My doctor called and said they want me to reduce the thyroid medicine to a lower level and my cholesterol is great! I no longer get oozing sores and my bleeding hemorrhoids are gone. After eating healthy acid free foods for several weeks I came to realize that the pains in my side were from colon blockages.

I am cleansing my colon and the pains are almost non-existent at this time. And the best thing is that I realize that I am going to live, much longer, perhaps longer than those persons around me that are choosing an acid diet way of living! Another miracle that has occurred is that I have had vitaligo since I was in second grade. Every other year I would lose more pigment in my skin. My skin would burn easily and not tan any longer.

I had to wear strong sun screen to go out of doors and usually wore a hat and skin coverings. Last summer I looked at my hands and they had become completely white. Four months after eating an alkaline diet there are brown pigment spots on my hands. The pigment is returning! It is truly a miracle and a joy to witness!Thank you Dr. Young for finding this way of life and thank you to my son and his fiancée for not giving up on sharing about the benefits and results and for the encouragement along the way! Karen L. Scriver

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