Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sweet Fruits

The sweet, alkaline fruits, such as figs, dates, grapes, persimmons, melons, cantaloups, and certain varieties of peaches, pears, and the like, are very rich in highly refined, organic sugars, all ready for assimilation, and contain considerable amounts of the positive, organic mineral salts. They are, therefore, nourishing, purifying and stimulating.

Dates rank highest in sugar, but are comparatively poor in organic salts. Figs make a much better showing. While they contain in round figures sixty percent of saccharin elements, they are also very rich in the positive organic salts, containing over ten parts, per thousand of sodium, seven per thousand of lime, four per thousand of magnesium. This explains their excellent relaxing, laxative properties. Sweet grapes rank low in proteids, but high in sugar. They contain about one percent nitrogenous elements, no fats, about sixteen percent of sugar, and rank fairly high in organic salts - about twenty parts per thousand.
The value Of the grape cure, like that of the milk cure, lies largely in the fact that it is a mild and pleasant form of protein and starch starvation. The grape sugars burn up (oxidize), and the alkaline mineral elements neutralize and eliminate the acid by-products of starch and protein digestion.

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