Sunday, July 09, 2006

Lemon Juice the Most Efficient Antiseptic

The fruit acids, instead of being injurious to the system, are powerful solvents for morbid accumulations of an alkaline nature. In the (external) treatment of wounds and bedsores, even of a most serious nature, the use of lemon juice diluted in water gives excellent results - Use the juice of one half lemon in a cup of boiled or filtered water.

Lemon juice is a wholesome food and at the same time is the finest natural antiseptic in existence, while most of the medicinal antiseptics and germicides are powerful protoplasmic poisons which benumb and kill, not only disease germs, bacteria and parasites, but also the healthy cells and tissues of the body.

Since lemon juice is such an efficient antiseptic externally, it must have similar effects internally. This is true, not only of lemon juice, but also in a modified degree of all other acid and sub-acid fruits and vegetables.

Fruit Juices good for babies and children In the fruit juices the infant receives an abundant supply of the bone and tissue building materials.

To give lime water, iron, sodium and other minerals in the inorganic mineral form, when the luscious fruits contain all these elements in the live, organic, vitamin combinations is, to say the least, very short sighted.

The acid fruits also contain considerable amounts of fruit sugars - the finest forms of organic sugar in nature.

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