Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Avoidance of common salt.

Pioneers of this regular value food are Kollath, Zabel, Kretz, Bircher Benner and others. It is publicized today particularly by Anemueller and Ries, Kretschmer Dehnhardt, Mark line and Schultz Friese.

Underlying theory is the universal fermentation of the cancer cells postulated by being castle. Cancer cells result allegedly from irreversible damage of the respiration, which tries to compensate the cancer cell by fermentation energy, which is to lead again to undifferentiated, unordered cell growth. Actually these phenomena are not meanwhile consequence and not a cause of a malignant degeneration and represent long the only and crucial cancer cause. Being castle and later many its successor believed already decades ago, with a so-called metabolic active regular value food the oxygen supply of the cells improve and thus the cancer to restrain to be able. These theories were never proven and due to modern biochemistry as outdated to regard.

Most representatives of the regular value food stressed however also hardly ever to be able to heal with this food form alone cancer. Rather they recommend their food as auxiliary therapy, for the improvement of the defense strength of the ill organism. In addition, this effect was so far not proven.

Regular value food, as it is recommended by the mentioned authors, is not innocuous only, but a very healthy, everyone nourishing form which can be recommended. Particularly valuable the increased supply of natural Vitamins and different vegetable Anti-cancero- genes are more possible. Unfounded prohibitions (e.g. Tomatoes, potatoes, honey, coffee etc.) are to be rejected however like all extreme food forms.

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