Tuesday, July 11, 2006

2. Examples of other cancer parliamentary allowance

Usually variants of the regular value food partially however with unfounded prohibitions e.g. are.

Anthropomorphically Diet (Renzenbrink):
Regular value food after Schnitzer
With food conversion to “civilized human food” Schnitzer states to be able to prevent cancer. Main part is grain, before the preparation becomes that direct grinded (with Schnitzer mills!)

Moerman Diet
The Dutch country doctor justifies his Diet by a comparison with the letter pigeon, which takes “the same food on the whole to itself as humans”, but never cancer gets. The eight allegedly indispensable materials protecting from cancer are: Iodine, citric acid, yeast, wheat, sulfur, vitamins A, E, C. beside it concerns it a usual regular value food. The effectiveness of this diet is not proven.

Vital material realms Diet after Kousmine
Constructing on a liver protection diet the discovered by recommends a meat-free, grain and raw food-rich Diet, supported by allegedly growth-retarding substances. This Diet heals allegedly also Polyarthritis and multiple Scleroses. It is unproven.

Macro bio tables food (Kushi Ohsawa)
This covers several stages and is predominantly based on grains. In its higher stages it is poor in proteins, iron and calcium, vitamins and trace elements and leads with longer application to its own lack nutrition and can become so dangerous. The effectiveness against cancer is not proven.

Diet after Leupold/Ohler
Leupold believes the cause of the generation of cancer in the wrong relationship Cholesterol / blood sugar: To recognize Lipoidphosphor. It tried to change this relationship by Diet in favorable way: on the one hand by an extremely char-hydrate-poor food, on the other hand by sugar infusions combines with old insulin as well as different other substances. Its Dietempfehlungen go very far, by forbidding e.g. all fruit except lemons. The inefficacy of this working method is proven.

Diet after Gerson
After decontamination by several coffee enema daily including castor-oil Gerson postulates high-dose supply of potassium, liver excerpt, thyroid preparations, iodine, Vitamin B12, Acidol Pepsin, and warns of the benefit of sugar, protein and salt. Interestingly enough this Diet was originally used against Tuberculosis! Its 50 allegedly cases of cancer healed by this Diet cannot be accepted due to unsatisfactory documentation as proof.

Isopathic - lactic acid Diet after Kuhl
Kuhl wants to poison the cancer cell by increased supply of clockwise rotating lactic acid to a certain extent. Proofs for the correctness of this theory and/or the effectiveness of his Diet are not present.

Hay' separation food
Quintessential point is the separation from protein and coal hydrates, which nourish-scientifically not only unnecessarily, but is wrong. An effectiveness against cancer is not occupied.

Instinct therapy after Burger
Extreme form of a raw diet, in which all food, also meat and fish, invariably, eaten i.e. roughly, uncooked become, that allegedly “natural nourishing instinct” following. Theory and effect of this Diet against cancer are unproven.

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