Tuesday, July 11, 2006

3. Fasting cures

The welfare-chamfered; however of most its representative is for a long time well-known with cancer as unsuitable or even dangerously is designated. Completely in contrast to it Rudolf Breuss, welfare practical man from Austria believes, “that cancer only from firm meals lives, which humans take to itself. If one drinks thus 42 days only vegetable juice and dte, then the cancer tumefaction dies, humans however can thereby still well live”. This theory is unreasonably and wrongly, like also many different of its statements. A proof that with its juice mixture, consisting of red and yellow carrots, celery, radish and potatoes, effectively the growth of cancer can be affected is pending. On the other hand it is well-known that this hunger cure leads to substantial lack nutrition and thus additional attenuation of the body-own defense.

Even if can succeed with model tumors in the bioassay occasionally to bring cancer by hunger to recovery the application of such “theories” is impossible and dangerous with humans. A “cancer cure totally” after Breuss is to be advised against urgently.

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