Friday, November 07, 2008

Your Hands and Feet Are The Windows To Your Health

Your eyes may be a window to your soul, but your hands and feet are a window to your health. New research reveals the hands and feet contain vital details about your health and undetected dis-ease hidden deep within your body.

A simple handshake can reveal clues to health. Sweaty hands and/or feet could warn of an over-acidic thyroid, and a painful handshake could be an indication of increased acidosis in the extracellular matrix activating the body to pull calcium from the bones to maintain alkalinity leading to osteoporosis.

Other "hand and feet signals" include:

Blue Fingernails and/or Toenails. Blue fingernails, toenails and lips indicate blood isn't being pumped properly through the cardiovascular system and suggest heart failure. This is caused by the body buffering excess acids that are building up on the walls of the blood vessels. Metabolic and dietary acids also cause the blood to stick together. This is significant because when blood is sticking together it cannot travel into the small capillaries leading to poor circulation. Next time you look at President Elect Obama notice his blue lips. Someone needs to share with him the health benefits of an alkaline lifestyle and diet.

Reddened Palms or feet. Watch for liver dis-ease. A classic sign of cirrhosis is reddened palms or feet.

Club Fingers or Toes. Dome-shaped tips of fingers/toes or tips that look like miniature clubs indicate pulmonary problems, such as TB, cancerous lungs, or mesothelioma (cancerous lungs due to asbestos).

Bony Bumps on Fingers or Toes. Bony, painful, pea-sized lumps on fingers or toes around the joints (called Heberden's nodes) may mean you have osteoarthritis in your hips or knees. In one study, over half of people with previously undiagnosed arthritis in their hips had the bony bumps on their finger and/or toe joints.

Fatty Knuckles. Lumps of fat on knuckles (called tendon xanthoma) that project when you make a fist are actually deposits of acid bound to cholesterol and can indicate potentially deadly high levels of metabolic are dietary acid.

Half-and-Half Nails. Nails that are pale on the part nearest the skin and brownish on the top half could indicate kidney dis-ease.

Spoon Nails. Nails that dip in the middle (a condition called koilonychias) indicate anemia or the lack of chlorophyll or green fruits and vegetables in the diet.

Hardened Lumps on Palms. Lumps on hands called palmar fasciitis can be a rare sign of ovarian cancer.

Extreme Pain In The Arch of The Foot. This is called plantar fasciitis and is the result of metabolic acids being taken up into the connective tissue causing extreme pain.

White Spots On The Nails. White spots on the nails of the hands or feet indicate the diet is too high in acidic carbohydrates, like sugary fruits, grains, pastas, breads and dairy. The white spots can be the first sign of pre-diabetes.

No Half Moons On The Nails. The absence of of half moons on the fingers and/or toes indicates an acidic diet and the need for more alkaline mineral salts, such as sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium.

Ridges On The Nails. Ridges on the nails is an indication of dehydration and the lack of alkaline fluids in the diet. This sign indicates dry skin, pre-mature wrinkling, acidic skin, calcium and potassium deficiency, spotty skin, smelly skin and cancerous skin.

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