Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Twelve Steps to Prevent and Reverse Metabolic Acidosis and Diabetes

Over 18 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes and over 5 million are in a state of metabolic acidosis but don't know it. In addition, one out of ever four American suffers from metabolic acidosis, a combination of type-2 diabetes, hypertension and abnormalities in blood lipids (which are diagnosed using a blood test known as a lipid profile. Metabolic acidosis leads to stage seven acids and the symtomologies of cardiovascular dis-ease, diabetes, cancerous states, kidney dis-ease, arthritis, and other deadly conditions, all caused by dietary and metabolic acids.

Are you experiencing the symptoms of metabolic acidosis?

The characteristics include:

1) Abdominal obesity from dietary and metabolic acids (waist circumference)

o Men -- waist greater than 40 inches
o Women -- waist greater than 35 inches

2) Crystalized dietary and metabolic acids called Triglycerides -- greater than 150 mg/dl

3) HDL Cholesterol (men) -- less than 40 mg/dl

4) HDL (women) -- less than 50 mg/dl

5) Blood pressure -- greater than 130/85 mm Hg

6) Fasting acid glucose -- greater than 110 mg/dl

Our book on diabetes, "The pH Miracle for Diabetes"
goes into detail on how you can lower your risk of developing metabolic acidosis that can lead to the acidic symptom of diabetes.

Changing to an alkaline lifestyle and diet is the first or twelve steps:

Follow these twelve alkalarian lifestyle and dietary steps to your ideal healthy and fit body:

1) Cut out the acid MSG from your diet and use whole unprocessed salts like pHour salts and pHlavor salts

2) Exercise at least 1 hour every day

3) Lose the acid fat around your waist area with whole body exercise and oral colonics with pHlush

4) Use the Young's alkaline diet and Young pHorever whole foods to reduce dietary and metabolic acids that may lead to inflammation or stage 4 to stage 7 acidosis as outlined in The pH Miracle Books

5) Use pHour salts and pHlavor salts to reduce acidity which will then lower cholesterol levels naturally

5)Take advantage of natural antioxidants in from glutathione, Co=Q-10, pHour salts, pHlavor salts and whole foods, pHruits and pHolage.

6) Lower your homocysteine acid levels with pHour salts and pHlavor salts

7) Use liquid chlorophyll, pHruits and pHolage, pomegranate oil, alkaline water, pHour salts and pHlavor salts to prevent the acids that cause nerve damage

8) Add plenty of alkalizing fiber and montomorillonite clay to your alkaline diet to lower blood acid sugars

9) Avoid eating foods high in acids such as dairy and animal proteins as outlined in the pH Miracle books

10) Consume at least 100 ml of long chain unsaturated oils or omega-1, 3, 5, 6 and 9 fats a day

11) Go ahead and read, listen or watch how chlorophyll, oils, alkaline water and salt or the C.O.W.S. alkaline plan will lower your risk of metabolic acidosis that leads to the acidic symptom of diabetes as well as numerous other lifestyle and dietary acidic causing ailments.

12) Drink at least 4 liters of alkaline ionized water every day from our Young Life Ionizer 6500 with seven titanium platinum plates and two pre-filters

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