Monday, March 17, 2008

The Cause of Chronic Human Pain

A recent obscure article in the Wall Street Journal concerning the possible cause of chronic pain is very significant and supports my foundational theory. My theory is quite simple - acid equals pain and pain equals acid.

Scientists have discovered that the naked mole rat is highly sensitive to touch, but when it comes to chili peppers or acid, the hairless, sausage-like creatures are immune to the acidic sting. These rats are found in oxygen-starved burrows in East Africa and lack a chemical called Substance F, which causes the sensation of burning pain in mammals.

The absence of Substance F probably helps the rodents cope with the acid that builds in their tissues as they breathe in the high levels of carbon dioxide in their underground dens.

The researchers further suggest that "acid-sensing"
is thought to play a key role in chronic inflammatory pain in the naked mole rat and maybe the secret to reversing chronic pain in humans.

For humans the answer is very simple for increasing or decreasing or eliminating chronic inflammatory pain.
Increase your tissue acid with an acidic lifestyle and diet and increase your pain. Decrease your tissue acid with an alkaline lifestyle and diet and decrease your pain.

Once again, pain = acid and acid = pain.

If you want less pain or if you want to get rid of pain completely out of the body then you must change your acidic lifestyle and diet to an alkaline lifestyle and diet.

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