Monday, October 23, 2006

The Answer and Solution to All Health Questions

Dear Friends and Family,Thank you for your concern and questions for all the different kinds of medically diagnosed cancers.

First, we must understand that cancer is NOT a sickness or disease but a symptom or better said the effect of metabolic acids and catarrh that has built up in the blood and then thrown off into the tissues that has significantly effected the white blood cells (our janitorial and garbage collection service for the blood and tissues) ability to remove these acids and the cells they destroy or spoil out of the body through normal elimination pathways.

I am simply suggesting that cancer is not a cell but an acidic liquid that spoils our cells that make up our tissues and organs when those acids are not properly eliminated through urination, perspiration, respiration or defication. When we are dealing with any symptom or an effect we need to look to the cause. To understand the cause is very simple as well as the treatment. The "New Biology" explains the cause and effect of all sickness and disease as well as how to improve the quality and quantity of life without medications, radiation and/or surgery.

For example, enervation and muscle weakness per se is not a disease. Weakness, lost power, is not a disease; but, by causing a flagging of the elimination of tissue-waste, which is toxic, the blood becomes charged with acids, and this I call acidosis or latent tissue acidosis -- poison in the blood then the tissues.

This is disease, not even skin challenges, and when the toxin accumulates beyond the toleration point, a crisis takes place; which means that the poison or acid is being eliminated through the skin, the third kidney.

This we can call disease, but it is not. The only disease is systemic latent tissue acidosis, which localizes in the weakness parts of our body. And what we call disease are symptoms or the effects produced by a forced vicarious elimination of acids through the mucous membrane.

When this elimination takes place through the mucous membrane of the nose, it is called a cold -- catarrh of the nose. And where these crises are repeated for years, the mucous membrane thickens and ulcerates, and the bones enlarge, closing the passages. At this stage hay fever or asthma develops. When the throat and tonsils, or any of the respiratory passages, become the seat of the crises of acidity, we have croup, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, etc.

When the acids locate in the cranial cavity we have dementia, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, muddle thinking, forgetfulness, and even depression. When the acids locate in the gastrointestinal tract we have IBS, gastrointestinal dysmotility, autonomic dysfunction, carotid stenosis and ischemic colitis. When the acids locate in the pelvic tissue we have micro-calcifications of these acids that lead to tumors and cervical cancer or prostate cancer.

What is in the name? All are symptoms of the expulsion of acids from the blood and then tissues at the different points named, and are essentially of the same character and evolving from the one cause -- namely -- systemic acidosis -- a crisis of toxemia.

The description can be extended to every organ of the body, the lung, the liver, the pacrease, etc., including the largest organ, the skin. For any organ that is enervated below the average standard from stress of habit, from work, or worry, from injury, or from whatever cause, may become the location of the crises of systemic latent tissue acidosis.

The symptoms presented differ with each organ affected and that gives color to the belief that every symptom-complex is a separate and distinct disease. But, thanks to the new LIGHT shed upon nomenclature (naming disease) by the philosophy of the "New Biology," every symptom-complex goes back to the one and only cause of all so-called diseases -- namely systemic latent tissue acidosis.

To find the cause of all symptomologies, including lung cancer, start with colds and catarrh, and watch the pathology as it travels from irritation (IBS), catarrh, inflammation, induration (lupus), ulceration and then cancer. As well, try to find the cause of man by ignoring his conception, embryonic life, childhood, manhood, etc.

Nature's order is interfered with by enervation habits until acidosis is established. Then a vaccination (as evidenced in Gulf War Syndrome and the Spanish Flu Epidemic) or an infection (in truth an outfection) from any source, acts sooner or later as a firebrand in causing the most vulnerable organ (the bowels) to take on organic change.

The organ, however, has nothing to do with cause, and directing treatment to the organ is compounding the problem and is nonsense. Types of such nonsense are blood transfusions for pernicious anemia, gland treatment for gland impotency, cutting out stones, ulcers, tumors and the latest craziness, vaccinating for phantom viruses such as the avian flu virus.

There is no question that one of the most pernicious practices in vogue today is treating so-called disease with disease, and immunizing with the products of disease. Current medical science calls this pathological thinking, vaccination, or even chemical therapy.

If cause is not known, how is prevention or cure possible -- as, for example, by producing a mild form of the smallpox vaccine or other so-called disease by poisoning a healthy person by introducing into his body the pathological products of the said disease?

Certainly only pathological thinking can arrive at such conclusions. Vaccine and autogenous remedies (metabolic acids) are made from the products of disease and the idea that disease can be make to cure itself is an end-product of pathological thinking!

If prevention and cure mean producing disease, surely prevention and cure are note desirable. If prevention can be accomplished, then cures will not be needed!It is not disease, it is cause "in all its aspects" that we need to know before we can take steps to prevent or cure "disease."Cause is constant, ever present, and always the same. Only effects, and the object on which cause acts, change, and the change are most inconstant.

To illustrate: a catarrh of the stomach presents first irritation, then inflammation, then ulceration, and finally induration and cancer. Not all cases run true to form, only a small percentage evolve to ulcer, and fewer reach the cancer stage. More exit by way of acute food poisoning or acute indigestion than by chronic diseases.

Most Americans are challenged with the symptomology of indigestion, which can include acid reflux, bloating, indigestion, diarrhea and/or constipation.

The proper way to study disease is to study health and every influence favorable or not to its continuance. Disease is perverted health. Any influence that lowers energy becomes disease producing.

Disease cannot be its own cause, neither can it be its own cure and certainly not is own prevention!My discovery of the truth of ALL sickness and disease -- that acidosis is the cause of all so-called diseases, came about slowly, step by step, line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little.

At first, I postulated that yeast and molds must be the general cause of disease. Then I decided that it was not yeast and molds but the body becoming enervated. But wait a minute, enervation is not a disease, disease must be due to metabolic acids.

I learned through years of research that localized or systemic acidosis is the true general cause of all disease and must be autogenerated. And if disease is due to autogenerated acids, what is the cause of that autogeneration?

The answer is found in understanding the nature of matter and how it organizes and disorganizes. I realized that there must be a physical or emotional disturbance to organized matter before it can begin its disorganization. And when matter begins to disorganize, it gives rise to autogenerated acids. This is true for All matter!

To illustrate, take a physical injury to a joint which is often complicated with the symptom of rheumatism. The rheumatism previous to the injury was potentially in the blood and/or tissues.

Just what change had taken place in the matter which, under stress of injury or shock of any kind, would cause a reaction with fever? I could not understand, until the "Acid Theory" suggested itself to my mind, after which the cause of disease unfolded before me in an easy and natural manner.

I called this new paradigm for ALL sickness and disease, "The Cycle of Imbalance." You can read about "The Cycle of Imbalance" in my book, "Sick and Tired, Reclaim You Inner Terrain."

In a few words, without acidosis there can be no sickness or disease and there can be NO CANCER! It is also true that without acidosis there can be NO PAIN!

Therefore pain equals acid and acid equals pain. I knew that the waste products of cellular disorganization and metabolism was toxic, and that the only reason why we were not poisoned by it was because it was removed from the human organism as fast as it was produced.

Then I discovered that the acid was retained first in the blood and then in the tissues, when there was a checking of elimination.

Then, the cause of the checking had to be determined. In time, I thought out the cause of All sickness and disease. I knew that, when we had normal energy, organic functioning was normal. Then came the discovery that enervation caused a checking of elimination.

Eureka! The cause of ALL sickness and disease is NOW found! Enervation checks elimination of the waste-products -- ACIDS -- of cellular disorganization and metabolism. Retention of metabolic ACIDS are the first and the only cause of sickness and disease! After twenty-five years of research I have discovered that the human organism is alkaline by design but acidic by function.

When we retain metabolic acids in our tissues and organs we begin to spoil and die. Eliminate the metabolic acids from our tissues and organs and we can live a long and healthy life free from all sickness and disease!One of the first things to do to get rid of any so-called disease is to get rid of all the acid retained by the body.

For it is this state of the blood and tissues that makes disease possible. Outfection, drugs and food poisoning may kill but if they do not, they will be short-lived in the human organism free from enervation and acid.

Conversely, the poisoning will linger in the system until the acid is overcome. Then and only then will elimination remove all traces of outfection.

Syphilitic outfection is pronouncedly an acidic subject thrown into great virulency by conventional treatment.

The same is true with HIV/AIDS. This so-called infection is the least offender of the trio. Add fear (false evidence appearing real) and wrong eating, and we have a formidable symptom complex, justifying all that professional syphilomaniacs say and write about the disease.

Remove acidosis, drugging, fear, and vile eating and there is little left. What is there can easily be thrown out by Nature!Scientific research is being carried on vigorously in an attempt to find the cause of disease.

The conception of disease being that it is individual. Here is where investigators meet their Waterloo. All the so-called diseases are increasing symptom complexes due to repeated crises of Acidosis.

They have no independent existence! As soon as acidity is controlled, the symptoms disappear, unless an organ has been forced by innumerable crises to degenerate. Even organic change, when the organ is not destroyed, will come back by correcting the life and getting rid of the true cause -- crisis of latent tissue acidosis!

All symptoms of all so-called diseases have one origin. All diseases are ONE! Unity in all things is Nature's plan. Polytheism is gone, and everything is pertaining to it and coming out of it must go.So there is only one sickness, one disease, and NOW one treatment. The one sickness and disease is the over-acidification of the blood and tissues due to an inverted way of living, eating, and thinking.

The one treatment is to alkalize and energize our body with the pH Miracle Living Program.

The complete program is a 12 week program that includes the foods outlined in the foundational section of Shelley's book, "Back to the House of Health," and the supplements outlined in our latest book, The pH Miracle for Weight Loss.

You start the program off with a 10 to 14 day liquid feast. You can find the outline on the 10 to 14 day liquid feast in Chapter 12 of The pH Miracle for Weight Loss.

You can eat as much and as often as you like as long as the food is green and pureed. The soups found in our books such as the Broccoli Soup, Aspar/Zinc Soup, The Healing Soup and the Popeye Soup with lots of avocados are excellent to eat during the liquid feast.

You also need to begin taking the nutritional supplements while drinking at least 4 to 6 liters of greens or alkaline fluids a day. Start out gradually drinking 1 liter of greens a day and then work up to 2, then 3, then 4, until you are drinking 6 liters a day.

When you take the nutritional supplements, take 5 drops 6 times a day of the liquid colloids (except the pH drops which you put in distilled water and never take under the tongue) under the tongue, away from meals and you take 1 capsule 6 times a day of the capsule products with meals. I would suggest taking 4 to 6 capsules, 500 mg. each, every 4 waking hours of magnesium oxide. This will help to keep things moving through normal elimination.

After you complete the 10 to 14 day liquid feast you can then begin introducing some solid food but your meals need to be as green and alkaline as possible. I would suggest not only the vegetable soups, but steam fry vegetables and lots of salads. Make sure you use only lemon or lime and good oils on your salads for the dressing. Another tip is to include liberal amounts of flax and olive oil in and with your soups and salads. I suggest a minimum of 5 to 6 tablespoons of good polyunsaturated oils each day.

You might also find that many of your questions are answered in the articles on the "New Biology" section at the same website location.In conclusion, the medical world has been looking for a remedy to cure disease or cancer, notwithstanding the obvious fact that nature needs no remedy -- she needs only an opportunity to exercise her own prerogative of self-healing.

There are NO Cures! The subconscious builds health or disease according to OUR ORDER ?

OUR CHOICE. If we send impulses of irritation, discontent, unhappiness, complaining, hate, envy, selfishness, greed, lust and the biggest one of all PRIDE, the subconscious builds us in the image of OUR ORDER!The truth is that we need no Doctor. We need to empower ourselves to effect a reconciliation between our subconscious creator and ourselves.

What we need is to learn self-control, respect, poise, and relaxation! And when these impulses are sent over, the sympathetic nerves to our subconscious creator, we will begin to receive images of a more ideal man or woman, until an approach to perfection is attained.

Sickness and disease, including the symptoms of cancer, tumors, AIDS, diabetes, MS, lupus, HIV/AIDS, depression, hyperthyroidism, Wilson's Syndrome, fibromyalgia, pain in every joint and muscle, ,chronic fatigue syndrome, muscle cramps, allergies (food), asthma, bronchitis, frequent colds, candidia, hypoglycemia, allergic reaction to any chemical, fatigued all the time, food cravings, indigestion, inflamed joints, insomnia, mood swings, gas, bloating, diverticulitis, irritable bowel, pneumonia, ulcers, stomach and bowel cramps and even memory loss is the culmination of years of abuse of nutrition and years of acids from faulty elimination by forcing the bowels to move.

We don't get sick and tired we do sick and tired!

The most powerful program for all these effects of choice is to eliminate the acids from the blood and tissues with alkaline lifestyle and dietary choices.

You are the author and builder of tomorrow, and you need not pay a fortuneteller, a doctor, a lawyer, a preacher, a banker to tell you what will happen to you tomorrow. Nothing will happen. The inevitable will come.

You will inherit the fruits of today's sowing.I hope you find these thoughts and suggestions helpful when dealing with any symptomology including lung cancer, whether physical, emotional or spiritual.

In Love and healing Light,
Dr. Robert O. Young

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