Monday, July 10, 2006

Uncooked Cereals

Seeds are highly charged with the sex principle, which in physical matter is the highest expression of life force. All seeds, such as cereals, nuts and legumes, which can be used as foods are, therefore, especially rich in the life elements - in vital magnetism or vitamins - and these vital energies remain unimpaired and most effective in the uncooked foods.

While the digestive apparatus, in the case of most people, through the constant use of cooked and highly spiced foods, has lost its ability to thoroughly digest and assimilate the raw starches of cereals, it is good practice to partake of some raw cereal at one or more meals every day. They should be freshly ground or cracked in the hand mill, or soaked, dried and flaked in a grain and nut flaker.

Flaked and rolled grains can be bought in every well-equipped grocery store, but these seldom consist of the whole grains, usually having been robbed of the mineral elements. The surest way is to buy the grains and prepare them at home. A mixture of rolled oats, wheat and rye in about equal proportions, with additions of pine nuts and raisins, makes an excellent and palatable substitute for baked bread. The flaked grains may be mixed according to individual taste and fancy, with various kinds of nuts, raisins, figs, dates or other uncooked fruits and berries. A great variety of palatable and tempting uncooked strength food dishes can be prepared in this way.


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