Thursday, July 06, 2006

Here are some of the top reasons people stay overly long in detox:

Here are some of the top reasons people stay overly long in detox:

1) Incorrect Food Combining: Master this topic and you'll quickly understand the chemistry behind digestion.

Solution: Master Food Combining. In short, separate proteins from starches/sugars/carbs. Eat melons alone. Each mucho greens. Enjoy digestive enzymes with cooked meals and meals of inactivated nuts and seeds.

2) Protein Poisoning: Because of the many protein myths mass marketed by various industries - soy, meat, dairy – most people suffer from severe protein poisoning. We grow fastest between birth and 18 months, living off mother's milk which is 3%-5% protein. As adults we are no longer "bulking up", we're maintaining. This means we require far less protein. Protein Poisoning acidifies tissue causing rapid aging and many strange symptoms which are difficult to diagnose.

Solution: There is plenty of protein in most greens, hemp seeds and nuts to easily maintain most adult proteinrequirements.

3) Rancid Nuts: Nuts become rancid after a few months and many times bulk bin nuts at local health food stores are 2-3 years old. Many people think their allergic to nuts and find out they were only allergic to rancid oils the first time they enjoy cold stored nuts.
Solution: Only eat cold stored nuts, seeds & Bee Pollen.

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