Monday, July 10, 2006

Foods and Thirst

Those who adopt a vegetarian diet soon find that they are not as thirsty and do not require nearly as large an amount of fluids as they did under the meat diet. The following explains why this is so.
The juicy fruits and vegetables contain on an average about ninety percent of water. These fruit and vegetable juices, prepared in Nature's own laboratory, supply in the best possible form the demand for fluids in the animal and human body. They are cooling, refreshing, and saturated with the most valuable medicinal elements found in nature.
These vegetarian foods, therefore, are non-heating and non-irritating, and contain in themselves large amounts of pure and wholesome fluids. Flesh foods, as we have learned, are saturated with uric acid, poisonous alkaloids and ptomaines, which have a stimulating, heating and irritating effect upon the system. This is further increased by the spices and condiments necessary to cover the unpleasant odor and taste of the flesh. Largo amounts of fluids are required to counteract the heating and corroding effects of these Systemic poisons, and to "wash" them out of the system. Herein lies the reason why a meat diet creates abnormal thirst and is most conducive to the forming of the drink habit, while the adoption of a fruit and vegetable diet in the beat remedy for the abnormal craving for drugs, tobacco, and spirituous liquors.


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