Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Careless Ozone Treatments are so dangerous, who protect the patients? Educate yourself!

In the past I had a couple of times experiences to hear about the treatments of Mr. Sartori. How rough he takes care his patients and how dangerous are his treatments seems for us, when he inject ozone gas direct in the venous and artery blood circulation system. I couldn't understand this, that so a careless treatment has not have any side effects for the patients, because I didn't hear anymore from this patients. Today, I know why.

I could read this in the Chiang Mail News (Vol. V No. 29 - Saturday July 15, - July 21, 2006 ).

I'm so surprised how much mony he charged for this careless non-sense. As our Integrated Medical and Ayurveda School, we are teaching always, not to use any treatments until we are aware of studies, which are proven which are benefits certain kinds of treatments. Ozone treatments has many benefits, which are proven and you can read that online in our website, but not in this dangerouse manner how Mr. Satori used it.

Again, we are always promoting, before you are make any treatment. Educate yourself!!! Here is the story. Why?

Deregistered Austrian doctor arrested for illegal practice, causing deaths of cancer patients

Saksit Meesubkwang

Australian Federal Police in cooperation with Provincial Police Bureau Region 5 arrested a deregistered Austrian doctor who claimed to be able to cure cancer, but many of his “patients” had died.

Hellfried Sartori, the disgraced Austrian doctor (photo above).
Pol. Lt. Gen. Panupong Singhara Na Ayuthaya, Commissioner of Provincial Police Bureau Region 5 said that, on November 16, 2005, Australian Federal Police had come to Chiang Mai and asked the local police to assist in investigating the cause of death of numerous Australian people in the Northern Territory and Western Territory of Australia.

They had all been treated by an Austrian man named Hellfried Sartori, 67, who purported to be a doctor and had fled to Chiang Mai and offered treatment via his website.

Then, on February 20th, 2006, the Australian Federation Police were informed that Katherine Preston, an Australian woman who had been treated by him, died at Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital and it was suspected that the cause of death was from his treatment.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Panupong also said that after coordinating with the Australian Federal Police, he issued orders to the special investigation department to trace his whereabouts. The officers were aware that he claimed to be a doctor concerned with treating cancer and were informed of a patient, identified as Melissa Judith Taylor, 33, a New Zealander who was unconscious and undergoing emergency treatment in Chiang Mai Ram Hospital.

When she recovered, she informed the police that she was acquainted with the ‘doctor’ via the Internet; where he claimed that he could cure cancer.

So she flew to Thailand to receive treatment in Chiang Mai. She stated that she had agreed to make an initial payment of 900,000 baht.

He treated her in a room in a Chiang Mai hotel that he had converted into an operating theatre. He injected a substance he called “Ozone” into her body and soon after she went into shock and was sent to Central Chiang Mai Hospital.

A video recording shows Sartori injecting Ozone into a patient’s body at his illegal clinic.
Learning of this, police applied for an arrest warrant from Chiang Mai Court and apprehended the man. He was charged with fraud and working as a medical practitioner without a license.

The ‘doctor’ had several prior offences to his name and was also charged that on June 5, 2006, he fraudulently offered treatment to an American, for which he was paid 612,000 baht.

Previously, he had been arrested in New York City, in the US on May 18th, 1995 on a charge of posing as a doctor.

Also, on July 17, 1998, he was arrested in Washington, US on a similar charge. He claimed to have a cure for cancer and injected his patients with “Ozone gas”.

Investigations by Chiangmai Mail reporters revealed that the former physician, Hellfried Sartori, received his primary degree in medicine from the University of Graz Medical School in Austria, and went to America where he became involved in ‘alternative’ treatments for many conditions.

One of these was Cesium therapy and he began this program in 1981 at Life Sciences Universal Medical Clinic.

He was also involved with the so-called ‘chelation therapy’ which uses a series of intravenous infusions containing EDTA and various other substances, which is falsely claimed to be effective against cardiovascular disease, autism, and many other diseases and conditions. The use of chelation for such purposes is considered substandard medical practice.

Hellfried Sartori was subsequently struck off the medical register in the US in 1985 and convicted of practicing medicine without a license after injecting ozone into patients intravenously and performing chelation therapy via injection of EDTA to treat various diseases.

It would appear that he continued with this line of treatment, recruiting his “patients” via the Internet.

Chiang Mai Mail,Vol. V No. 29 - Saturday July 15, - July 21, 2006

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