Wednesday, June 28, 2006

There's lots of raw recipes available from books and on the net, including raw gourmet cuisine. Why Raw?

Many people on a raw diet experience great improvements in physical and mental health, such as increased energy, improved skin quality, improved digestion, a greater connection with nature, less sleep required, a sturdier immune system.

Many people suffering from such serious conditions as cancer, diabetes and heart disease have healed themselves through eating raw foods.

Cooking destroys much of the food's life-force. Raw foods have a much higher nutritional value than foods that have been cooked. 70-85% of vitamins on average are destroyed in the cooking process.

Raw foods contain enzymes which enable the digestive organs to digest food efficiently, rendering its nutritional elements (especially the cell-building proteins) available to the body.

Enzymes are destroyed above 42C, so on a cooked diet the body has to work harder, putting more energy into digestion.

Without enzymes, the food cannot be properly utilised and its molecular structure is altered, creating toxins which leads to ill-health and sickness.

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