Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dressed to impress Asparagus

One is really simple, and really nice recipe. It makes a particularly good starter, or alternatively just place the asparagus on top of a nice healthy salad and put the dressing over both. Beautiful.
Serves 2Ingredients:
12 asparagus stems (bend towards the end and let them snap naturally, a la Jamie Oliver)8 spring onions2 tablespoons melted (avocado) butterGrated lemon peel of half a lemonFresh lemon juice of a whole lemonFresh thyme.


Lightly steam the asparagus and spring onion together (for about 4 minutes or until as tender as you like - although remember, overcooking removes nutrients!). Then, mix together the avocado butter, lemon rind, juice and thyme to make a dressing. If it is too zingy, then add some cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil to neutralise the lemon a little. Now decoratively stack the asparagus and spring onion and dress. Voila!

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