Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Superior Raw Diet Awaits Those Who Are Ready

The human body is in a constant state of growth. We don't age, we are not designed to age - it's all an illusion"

Is this the correct diet for everyone? I believe so from my vantage point but I also accept that due to karma, awareness and where one is at in the "collective story", one may or may not be ready for this major step in conscious eating. As a small demonstration of what I am relaying, here is an example from Kytka where she answers a question/comment concerning this important aspect.

Excerpt from:

Kytka Speaks:

Common Questions and Misconceptions About Raw Foods!"

My father has recently been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. He is not interested in alternative treatments nor even traditional treatments. Yet, he is not ready to admit that a part of him is WANTING to simply die -- and a part of him is afraid of dying.

This IS his karma and destiny! We cannot be always conscious of our higher path.""I am sorry for your father, but very pleased that you (as a daughter) are handling it so well. We must step back and allow destiny to work it's work. In my case my mother was always against me -- my way was risky, foolish, irresponsible and didn't make sense... My way endangered my babies (homebirth), etc. But when she lay on her deathbed -- who did she call first? Me."Kytka, I am so scared, I don't want to die.

I am too young, I have 5 beautiful grandchildren, Help me, please...."I had my sister check her out of the hospital immediately (where they were very threatening and didn't want to release her - telling her she would die without their IV and medicines (at some $5000 a day) and she got on an airplane and flew 3000 miles to be with me.

I cared for her and she got well. She CURED HERSELF 100% and has had no recurrence since.The human body is in a constant state of growth. We don't age, we are not designed to age - it's all an illusion — I know a 84 year old Vegan who looks 45 and can out run ME!
We have been taught to be as dependent on medicines and treatments as we have on hospital births and schools... It's part of the political money making machine and those who turn against it break free of the myths and misconceptions."

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