Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Greatest Discovery

"There are some truths which are so obvious that for that very reason they are not seen or at least not recognized by ordinary people."

The Greatest Discovery In The History Of The WorldThere are some truths which are so obvious that for that very reason they are not seen or at least not recognized by ordinary people.The true cause of human diseases has finally been discovered. Diseases are caused by the introduction into the human body of cooked (denatured/processed) food and poisonous chemicals. The human body is not, and never has been designed to eat cooked food. Eating cooked food is not normal or natural. Cooking food is a violation of the Laws of Nature. No natural creature ever tampers with its food. Every living organism free from human influence is a 100% raw-food eater and has been since the beginning of time. You do not become a raw-food eater, you already are one. Your body, like every other living organism on Earth without exception is designed to process raw materials.

At some point, early in life, you become a cooked foodist and that is the tragedy.All diseases are caused by an accumulation in the body of useless cells and poisonous residues left over from the consumption of cooked foods and by a deficiency of healthy cells due to an inadequate source of raw nourishment. Wild animals, tucked deeply in the bosom of Nature, do not suffer from degenerative diseases, because they do not have a kitchen nor do they have a pharmacy.

The desire for cooked food is not caused by hunger. Eating cooked food is a physio-chemical addiction which has nothing to do with the normal requirements of the cells. The battle to overcome cooked-food addiction must be won to achieve lasting health, peace, and prosperity on Earth.Pollution is directly related to cooked-food eating. Once the cooking stops, so does the environmental degradation. Test for yourself and you will quickly discover on The Raw-Food Diet you will have no more trash or garbage. In fact, all your garbage becomes compost to grow more richly abundant plants.All the resources and expenses undertaken by civilization in the process of cooking are nothing but a total waste.

All supposedly "scientific" data relating to the nutritive value of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, calories, minerals, vitamins, etc. are totally ridiculous and must be dispensed with immediately. Simple leaves feed the enormous body of the majestic giraffe, common grass feeds the stoic cow, basic vegetation exclusively feeds the powerful body of the glorious gorilla.

Only one diet is suitable for humanity and a stable planetary ecology: raw plant food. The only sensible nutrition plan consists of RAW PLANT FOOD, the types and quantities of which should be chosen by the consumer by instinct and not by artificial programs and recommendations. Everyone must be presented with this information.

What you eat deeply and radically affects the way you think, feel, and behave. The Raw-Food Diet allows you to think clearer, feel vibrantly alive, and behave in a totally natural manner. Ideas and thoughts conceived and propagated on a cooked-food diet are fundamentally flawed.Since the beginning of time, the greatest philosophers, sages, mystics, and shamans have asked the question: "How shall we live in order to be happy?" The most wonderful book in the world: "Nature's First Law: The Raw-Food Diet" by Arlin-Dini-Wolfe answers this age-old question. Humanity's suffering ends when the kitchen fire is extinguished forever. It is that simple: stop cooking and you stop suffering. The incredible book: "Nature's First Law: The Raw-Food Diet" spells the end of addiction, pollution, and disease. This book MUST be introduced into every home. This book bankrupts all postulates and theories in the field of nutrition and disease.

The propagation of The Raw-Food Diet and the book: "Nature's First Law:The Raw-Food Diet" is the greatest event in the history of the world. An immense community of raw-foodists is now scattered across the globe and our numbers continue to grow. A sizable number of children are now coming of age, who have been raised entirely on raw food. For the complete reconstruction and rehabilitation of the damaged ecosphere, there are tremendous projects afoot. Do not delay even one more moment, educate yourself, discover the most wonderful book in the world: "Nature's First Law:

The Raw-Food Diet," and spread this vital message.For more information contact:Nature's First Law
Attn: Stephen Arlin, RC Dini, David Wolfe

PO Box 900202San Diego, CA 92190USA
orThe FRESH Network
Attn: Susie MillerPO Box 7
South BrentDevonTQ10 9YN

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