Friday, March 14, 2008

Upcoming New Biology Microscopy Course

Dr. Robert O. Young will be teaching the Basic and Advanced Microscopy Course in Valley Center, California at the Rancho del Sol from the 16th to the 30th of June, 2008 and extends a personal invitation to you to learn the New Biology and the important connection to the blood through live and dried blood microscopy.

Do you often feel that you do not know enough?

Do you wonder how to work with people who are seriously debilitated, or have terminal cancer?

Do you wonder, how to apply the alkalizing protocol effectively to get accelerated results, safely in difficult life situations?

Do you lack certainty and confidence with yourself, a loved one, a friend or when a client treatment does not go to plan and you don't know what else to do?

Dr. Young is always developing new ideas and making new discoveries many of which he will only share at the Basic and Advanced New Biology Microscopy courses.

As blood microscopy is regulated in 2008 in the USA, UK and Europe, you will find that there is much
to comply with. These standards are being
introduced to ensure your success in this industry with great potential to work further within the medical field.

Only those with advanced certificates will be considered for further consulting as mentioned above.

In Basic and Advanced New Biology course you will learn:

· Advanced blood phenomena identification

· Pattern recognition of serious debilitation and disease

· Pattern recognition of cancerous conditions, and how they differentiate

· Accelerated healing techniques and inclusions to the alkalizing protocol.

· How to apply each food and nutrition for a full healing integration

· How to read 'medical blood examinations and results' and interpret what they mean for you and your clients personal strategy.

· Profiling techniques for states of imbalance.

· Somatology or the study in the place of the body.

· Advanced anatomy and physiology as it relates to live and dried blood microscopy and consultation.

· Further advancement of microzymian theory.

· Nuclonics or nuclear elemental transformations - learn a new periodic table Dr. Young refers to as the New Nuclear Physics.

You will learn from clients who have various dis-ease profiles including hepatitis, cancer, AIDS, heart disease, lung disease, and diabetes (amongst others).

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