Monday, December 25, 2006

Personal Responsibility for Ones Health

The following is a testimony from an RN and her perspective on the current medical system and personal responsibility for ones health.

Dr. Young,

Yes, this is a true video concerning drugs. As a nurse, I have watched reactions to medications. Sometimes the reactions became so severe the patient was not functional. Once in a while.....a doctor brings in a patient, takes them off all medications because nothing is working and everything is going wrong.

Basically they would dry them out. If the patient was with it mentally, well let's say I can't repeat what they said. In other words, they told the doctor where to put it and that they had tried to make them a medical junkie and refused to take further medication. As a nurse, I felt like a pill pushing junkie maker.

The other side: We have a large group of people who want a crutch. It always has to be the other person, maybe a doctor, maybe a wife, etc who must take responsibility for making them better. By not being responsible for their actions...I believe this is how they can control everyone in their family. The whole family must cater to their chosen disease.

The mentality is, just go to the doctor, he will give you a pill and fix you. The patient gets off the responsibility hook and the doctor gets a patient for life. The patient is immature and doesn't want to be an adult and assume responsibility for their actions.

There are some drugs that unfortunately, we actually need to take. Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and we need a boost. Once the crisis is over, a person needs to find a natural way to function or alter their lifestyle.

One study: Cardiac internal defib implant; A simple lifestyle change was needed. Profile; male, married, height of career, comes in with extra marital affair. 80% of males simply needed to quit having an extra marital affair. Ah, something so simple as a marital affair led to stress on the heart. I know a woman who had an implant of this kind and she walked, watched every bite, is a nurse, extremely responsible and had an implant.

So let's say that 20% of males actually needed a cardiac implant. When you help out with gathering the data, yes that was the underlying problem.

Another study: You may be to young to remember a diet drink. Notice it did not stay on the market for a long time, about 1955-58. There was an outbreak of stomach cancer about 1968-70. My younger sister worked at North Shore Hospital in Miami, FL and gathering the following information. About 75% of the stomach cancer patients had the following history...they were on a diet drink for 30 days or longer! They took one scoop of dry powder, mixed it with 8 ounces of milk three times a day. To the best of my knowledge, the findings of that study was never published. (Notice I am not writing the name of the diet powder)

My theory, stay away from all doctors so you live longer. I have a doctor who doesn't understand why I don't want to take medicine. So...what can she do for me...document against me to an insurance company? Yelp! There are insurance doctors and there are insurance doctors trying to avoid deposition. They are all insurance doctors. I pay my own medical bills because I do not have health insurance. Rarely, do I go to my doctor...just no faith left for the industry.

There are some doctors now who make the patient take responsibility for their well being. Sorry for the length of my comments but it is nice to know consumers can control their outcomes.

No, I still don't eat 80% greens. Yes, I am still overweight. It's my responsibility to change.

Merry Christmas

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