Sunday, July 09, 2006


Nuts are by far the richest foods in nature. They contain only about five percent of water - all the rest of their substance is solid nourishment. On an average, they contain from ten to twenty percent of proteins, fifty to sixty five percent of fats, five to ten percent of carbohydrates, and from ten to twenty parts per thousand of the positive mineral elements.
The most costly beefsteak contains only from twenty to thirty percent of nourishing substance, and seventy percent of impure water.
Nuts, on the other hand, are three times richer than meat in fats and proteins, and their delicious flavors an enjoyed best when eaten raw. They are, therefore, the finest substitutes for meat in the diet of the vegetarian and fruitarian. The only danger lies in eating too many of them. They should be taken in moderate quantities only, and always in combination with foods of the mineral group.

No wonder many people say "nuts do not agree with me," when they eat them by the handful after a heavy meal of meat, potatoes and vegetables. The vegetarian uses nuts, not with meat, but in place of meat.
Many nut recipes will be found among salads, croquettes, roasts, and sandwich fillings.

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