Tuesday, June 06, 2006



Excerpted from Chapter 2-3 of Healing Foods by Walter Last

From my own experiences of healing as well as from reading many published reports it is obvious to me that a raw-food diet is not only the most natural but also the most effective nutritional measure for healing and rejuvenation. While only few will be strong enough to adopt a complete raw food diet for life, it will be good for everyone to have occasional periods on raw foods only.

At other times you may use the principles described in the following to increase the percentage of your daily raw food intake. By far the most important foods to be eaten raw are proteins and lipids (fats and oils); vegetables high in cellulose such as most leaves and stems are not suitable to be eaten raw, and may be juiced or cooked.

The main biochemical and nutritional advantages of raw food as compared to cooked food are:

� A higher vitamin and mineral content
� Minerals are largely present as biologically active colloids
� An abundance of helpful enzymes and bio-energy or life-force
� Proteins remain in their natural condition instead of being denatured
� The absence of digestive leukocytosis
� Polyunsaturated fatty acids and cholesterol do not become oxidized, and carcinogenic or atherogenic
� Glucose is absorbed more slowly, protecting the blood-sugar regulation
� There is no overweight or obesity on a raw-food diet
� As counted in calories, much less food is required
� Proven cleansing, rejuvenating and anti-cancer properties

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