Monday, June 05, 2006

New Prostate Cancer or BPH Program

Prostate Cancer and BPH Natural Health Restoration Program Updated 11-3-04 Supplements to take: ~ Poly MVA – 3 tablespoons daily / ~ Premier Prostate Complex – Double the dose on the label / special order / ~ 3 Tablespoons of Hempseed Oil daily with meals. ~ Carnivora Extract- 40 drops 3x daily in water. Special order / ~ Iridodial Ant Extract – 40 drops 3x daily in water. Special order / ~ Cesium Chloride liquid – 1/2 ounce daily in the morning. Special order ~ PC RES – 3 capsules 3x daily / ~ Chaparral (Larrea Tridentata): Spagyric Formula: 20 drops 2x daily in water / 1 day on 1 day off. Available at ~ Follow the instructions in the book “Transforming Your Health in 90 Days or Less” available at Other Recommendations: 1. Drinking green tea has been shown to attack prostate cancer cells. 2. Get plenty of exercise excluding bike riding 3. Eat plenty of raw seeds and nuts. Especially pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds 4. Cut out all dairy products from diet 5. Do not eat red meat 6. Eliminate all coffee 7. Eliminate all Microwave Foods. Throw away your microwave. 8. Enjoy regular sexual activity. Ejaculation keeps the prostate healthy. 9. Have PSA levels checked monthly. Also blood levels

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