Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Raw Food Creates A Better World

One of the most powerful things you could ever do to improve the world is to eat a 100% Raw Food Diet. Fear, anger, unhappiness, brutality and hunger are all satellites of cooked-food addiction.

How You Can End All Wars, Feed the Hungry and Bring Happiness to the World Today
By Roger Haeske

One of the most powerful things you could ever do to improve the world is to eat a 100% Raw Food Diet. Fear, anger, unhappiness, brutality and hunger are all satellites of cooked-food addiction.By eating a pure and optimal raw diet you instantly change the world. The best way to change the world is to start with yourself.

By eating raw you instantly promote world peace and happiness. Eating raw is one of the greatest contributions you can make to improving the world around you and it happens on a multitude of levels.Not only do you dramatically improve your own life, you become an example for all of your family and friends. Just by eating the way you do, you subconsciously influence the people around you to eat raw. You become a stealth raw-superhero.

You don't have to go out and tell anyone about it, although that is a great and admirable thing to do. Your example of vibrant health and happiness will be enough to influence many people.I was talking once with my father about raw food. We started imagining what it would be like if the whole world ate raw food. We quickly realized that the troubled world we live in today would cease to exist.

What are the implications of eating raw?

How does eating raw help with world peace? What might the world look like if all humans stopped the eating of cooked foods?All we have to do is to look at the changes in the lives of people who have switched to a 100% raw food diet.

These types of changes will be happening globally and having a dramatic effect on the present spiritual, political, and environmental consciousness of the world. I'm sure the effects would be more far reaching than I could ever imagine them to be.You improve the world today, by how you vote with your dollar every day.

This is how you influence the world today, right here and now, by being a raw foodist.By eating raw you are potentially helping feed starving people around the world. The western meat based diet is the most land intensive. A raw diet based mostly on fruit uses much less land than even a cooked Vegan diet.

Fruits produce the most calories with the least amount of land used.According to John Robbins the number of vegetarians who can be fed on the amount of land needed to feed 1 person consuming a meat based diet is 20. For people eating a raw food, fruit-based diet it might be more like 40 to 80 people compared to feeding one meat eater.From what I remember an average fruit tree is supposed to be 4 times more efficient per acre than say growing wheat on that same land.

Also by planting trees we stop the erosion of top soil. Many of our modern farming techniques have been an ecological nightmare. Raw foodists also promote organic farming which means no chemical fertilizers and environmentally friendly farming practices.Another way you are improving the world is with your enhanced happiness and spirituality. I've noticed that raw foodists are generally spiritually developed people.

They may not all have the same spiritual beliefs but they are enlightened people. They certainly don't all have the same political views.For me, eating raw has naturally opened up my spiritual awareness. I was involved with spirituality before eating raw, however eating raw has enhanced my spiritual practice and awareness.

Even the atheists and agnostics among us are very kind, loving and dare I say spiritually advanced.Let's take a quick look at how your raw lifestyle affects the business world.

Businesses you likely would no longer use:

No cosmetics: no makeup necessary or wanted

No or little doctors or health care practitionersNo weight loss productsNo animal products, therefore no more animal torture and factory farming

No fast food restaurants or cooked food restaurants of any kind

No vaccinations

No illegal drugs

No suntan lotion or sunscreens

No nuclear energy

Businesses you'd be more likely to support:

Organic farmer's: markets and co-ops.

Raw food authors and speakers

Composting: You recycle everything you eat on a raw diet. Lowest pollution

RecyclingRaw food restaurants

Hemp and natural fiber clothing manufactures

Hybrid cars and low or no-pollution sources of energyI'm sure you could come up with many other examples. Please send them to me so I can update this article.

You reduce your own contribution to pollution dramatically. You stop buying the prepackaged foods. Those packages are largely what fill up our landfills and waste natural resources.

I know my awareness of recycling and conservation has increased. Just by hanging around other raw foodists, I and others are more environmentally aware and are doing our share to make this a cleaner planet.

One of our most important contributions is to world peace. Because we aren't internally polluted we are much more happy and peaceful people. If everyone on the planet ate this way, what need would we have for wars? Why would anyone want to be a terrorist or to be a suicide bomber? They would instinctively move toward peace. We would have less need to control people and therefore have less need for wars.

By not torturing other animals and not eating them people naturally become peaceful. Cooked foods and animal foods make people angry, aggressive and fearful.

Raw foodists in general will be less inclined towards the accumulation of material riches. What need is there for these kinds of riches when we have the riches of nature. There is nothing wrong with wealth but we have so much of it already, by enjoying nature and each other.

I know my own appreciation of nature and beauty has increased dramatically since going raw. I now enjoy seeing beautiful paintings and going to museums. My favorite paintings these days are the ones drawn by God, in the skies above. I just love cumulus clouds and the blue skies in all the different hues. The beauty of nature thrills me in a way it never could, when I was eating cooked food.Your feeling of happiness and spirituality on a raw diet also depends on how good your raw diet actually is. You want to shoot for an Optimal Raw Food Diet.

If you are eating too much of certain foods or not enough of others, then you could experience an array of health problems, even while eating a raw diet. Unfortunately I've found that just eating something because it is raw does not mean it is healthy for you.

To learn what an Optimal Raw Food Diet is you'll want to check out my new website, the Raw Food Diet Success Society. This site is loaded with books, audio interviews and coaching to help you succeed at going 100% raw. I am very proud of it and am sure it will help many people to finally succeed at going raw and it will help experienced raw foodists who haven't been getting the optimal results they've expected.

To get some free tips on optimizing your raw diet please visit http://www.howtogoraw.com/

The inspiration for this article came from rereading chapter 22 in "Nature's First Law." Here are some great quotes from that chapter. May they inspire you to go raw or reignite your own passion for having chosen to go on an Optimal Raw Food Diet."Cooked food is the first and worst addiction.

It is the physiochemical basis for all other addictions. Diseased bodies produce diseased minds. With improper diet the brain creates distorted representations of the world's realities. All of humanity's ridiculous habits find their basis in cooked food.""What people do not realize is that a 100% raw-food diet is actually the greatest "high" in the world.""Humans become dangerous to the living planet when they feed on cooked food."

"Pollution begins with cooked food."

"Cooked food inflames and damages the internal organs. Short tempers, persistent anger, and stress are caused by internal irritation. An entire generation of angry youth has been bred on fast food." This was a relevant quote since I just saw "Supersize Me" last night."Cooked food enslaves people to their most base passions.""The deaths caused by cooked-eating exceed, by thousands of times, all the deaths incurred in all the wars throughout history combined."

"By the abolition of cooked-eating, people's passions will calm down and relax, their minds will be ennobled, childbearing will be easy, life will become care free - not some mad dash for the most material pleasures."I can personally attest to the veracity of these quotes from my own experiences with eating 100% raw. One of the first things I noticed was how much my general level of anger dissipated. When I get angry these days it's usually just a very short flare up and I can let it go in seconds. In the past I would hold onto my anger for days and I was much quicker to anger.

Raw food has just made me more relaxed. Even with lots of stress I am very calm. Events similar to ones that destroyed my life fourteen years ago, barely strain me at all these days. The raw diet eventually brings about a whole transformation in character. You live peacefully and happily because you are at ease from the inside.

The last paragraph of the New York and New Jersey, Raw Health and Happiness Society: Success Principles summarizes the basic points I have been writing about. Joel Brody is largely responsible for writing this beautiful paragraph."By allowing our bodies to detoxify without chemical or mechanical interference to ease symptoms, we will eventually experience the perfect health and happiness that Nature has given all forms of life. By eating a raw diet, we improve the ecology, enhance the lives of all plants and animals, and make giant strides toward our own, and the world's, health and happiness."That is a beautiful quote and I hope you realize how powerful an influence on the world you become when you eat a Raw Food Diet.


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