Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Journey to Rawdom: Vision

When you first came across the concept of raw eating, do you remember what thoughts first crossed your mind or how you felt?

Did you try to imagine how you would look or feel if you began it yourself?
Or did your body and mind become all-consumed by your excitement as your mind filled with visions of an internal and external paradise?
A life lived with excitement and enthusiasm and the energy to pull it all off?
Or, perhaps, after months or years of ill health, you simply imagined getting well again, of feeling life pulse through your veins once more?
Or maybe your first vision wasn't so positive and you simply didn't know what to expect, or your imagination ran away with you and created a rather more negative scenario based on fear of the unknown?

Whatever it was for you, I'm willing to bet that, for most if not all of you, the visions you've had since then have been loftier, wider and deeper than you previously thought possible.

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